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girls closer to moms and sons closer to dads?

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  • girls closer to moms and sons closer to dads?

    fact or crap? tell me everything you know about this personally a d by book knowledge wrt to seperated parents.

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    Though you will find anecdotes and poorly conducted studies to support either conclusion.

    Links (a sometimes frequent poster here) strongly believes that the bias is fact.


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      Yeah, it's crap.


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        It is actually a pile of...


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          That's some adorable crap, there, Tayken.

          I think that myth is probably propagated by sexist parents raising sexist children.

          Any kid who tells you that boys should be with dad and girls should be with mom, is probably being told this by an adult who either mistakenly believes it, or thinks it will give them a custodial advantage.

          As long as you are a good role model for a decent human being, you can raise a decent human being.


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            Mmmm. I read some studies


            Also, judicially speaking if all things are equal (I mean 100%) I could see a judge citing matching-gender as a reason and it not being appeal able. Fairly sure, I've read that in some case law. If the judge had to award sole custody to one parent or the other.

            I don't think girls and boys are the same while I do think everybody is equal.
            Quebec daycares urged to 'positively welcome' roughhousing for boys - Montreal - CBC News

            Practically speaking nobody else does either.

            I think gender is not a factor in determining who is actually a better parent overall thoug


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              not true in our family, although I think it has nothing to do with gender, and a lot to do with personality.


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                Easy answer.....depends......


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