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18 year old and 10 year old

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  • 18 year old and 10 year old

    My wife and I are going to try couple therapy to reconcile but we have both agreed that if we can't sort things out we'll go the collaborative family law route, but was wondering...

    In the worst case we would agree on joint custody and in the case of 10 year old this is clear. But my 18 year old who starts univ next Sept... Can he have a say about this? He's an A+ student who's worked while at high school and will get scholarship $$$ too, so support for him isn't an issue and I'd help him regardless.

    But he may wish to live with me exclusively while seeing his mother as he so chooses. Can he request this as part of any separation agreement?

    The sub-story is that the guy she's had a brief affair with may resurface I suppose if we can't make it work and my 18 year old may feel like Hamlet if he's eventually sharing a place with the guy who broke up the family--I know it's more complex than this but I'm taking his point-of-view. Thanks...K

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    your 18 year old has complete say of where he wants to live......because he is in school full time the parental financial obligation continues untils he is finished.........think of it in different manner.....if you were still together you would still financially support him when he is going to post secondary so why wouldnt you if you & your spouse separate......same kids just different circumstance......if you & your spouse can work it out all the best but if not keep your kids well being (physical, mental and emotional) at the advice LV gave me was instead of being caught up in argument smile & nod......goes further and makes the other person wonder.......keep your head up and heart into what you want


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      Yes, this is what I thought (and had hoped for) and I agree with your advice overall.

      We are trying to reconcile right now though I think I am further down this road despite being the adultered (?) party.



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