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Therapist with PA knowledge?

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  • Therapist with PA knowledge?

    Not sure if this is allowed, but does anyone know of a therapist in Toronto who is familiar with and can 'diagnose' Parental Alienation?

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    I don't think that a therapist is allowed to diagnose. You can use a psychiatrist to diagnose. Your family doctor or pediatrician can get you a referral. I'd suggest a children's psychiatrist in private practice.


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      I have seen the name of this place on CanLii with regards to parental alienation:

      The Willow Centre | Toronto Child Psychologists

      I agree that it is always a good thing to get a referral/recommendation from your family doctor.


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        Parental alienation isn't a diagnosis (i.e. it's not in the 2013 DSM-V, the standard psychiatric reference manual). A psychologist might be able to assess the quality of a child's relationship with a parent (which might include some aspects of alienation - an exaggerated negative view of one parent, refusal to interact with that parent, etc) , and a counsellor might be able to help improve that relationship, but I'd be careful with the term itself. Lots of people use it, but there's no consensus on exactly what it means. Focusing on the observed behaviors and attitudes of the child (which a psychologist can help you do) will probably be more helpful to your case than trying to diagnose something which isn't technically diagnosable.


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          In my case i am not looking for a diagnosis, just treatment for my son; any one knows a good child psychologist in toronto or GTA?


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