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    I'm in the process of working out a separation agreement with my STBX. We have an adult 21 year old daughter in university who has been living on her own in another city attending school for the last 3 years.

    I have no problem supporting my child proportional to the relative incomes of my STBX and I. But am I required to pay child support? Would it go directly to the child?

    I saw a couple court cases so I suppose the answer is, "it depends" but I'd like to hear other people's experiences and thoughts.

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    so she has her own place where she lives 12 months of the year?


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      Yes, away for home in a different city. Self-sufficient but has student loans.


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        tough one but IMHO I would say you don't have to provide CS to the ex as she is not maintaining a residence for the child. I would say that you could help your daughter out directly.

        Did your daughter take time off before going to university? That may factor in also.


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          Worked for one year between years. Was on her own during that time.

          I have no problem supporting directly. Really wondering if it belongs in a separation agreement.


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            I agree that if the student no longer resides with either of you, nobody needs to pay anybody CS. What financial support each of you pays to your child is your own business.

            But you DO want that written into the agreement, that there are no children of the marriage for whom CS is to be paid. If you leave out all mention of it, then there is a possibility something could go wrong and your ex tries to bring it up.


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              Good point! Thank you.


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                My ex wanted me to pay CS until the kids turned 28. Living away or not.

                My youngest is 5.

                I'm mid 40's I would have been paying until my late 60's had I agreed.

                AND if I missed a payment (not through FRO), she wanted the ability to slap a lien on my house.


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                  Wow. Just wow. It's pretty amazing what some people ask for.


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