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  • CAS info?

    Does anyone know what the Standard Operating Procedures are for CAS when the get involved with a family?
    On Friday 17 Oct a worker attended the residence of my ex - I was informed of this by my ex on Sunday the 19th. She would not divulge the finer particulars about why CAS was there but did indicate that it was due to issues regarding my S11 aggressive behaviour at her house. She also did provide the worker's name.
    I patiently waited for the worker to contact me until this morning when I called them. Of course I got voicemail.
    Does CAS have a duty to contact and advise the OP of their involvement and speak to them regarding the nature of their visit?

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    Are you a custodial parent? If so, the answer is "maybe".

    However, you can fill out an information request if you are a custodial parent and gain information on the referral but much of it will be redacted. However, while the investigation is in process they won't send you anything.

    Sounds like this was an emergency referral which iss concerning if the referral was legitimate. CAS doesn't show up unannounced unless it's considered urgent.

    Was your son aggressive? And to whom? Are there other children in the home? What are the protection concerns? What is your access to the child and do you have other children in your home?


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      Its a convoluted matter (aren't they all?). My ex admitted in an email (cc'd to her lawyer)of an incident where he was defiant to her so she pulled him off the couch by his feet, dragged him across the floor and when he stood up he kicked her. He and his sister (9) get into typical disputes but the ex ignores it until it escalates when ultimately it results in my daughter crying.
      I have the funny feeling that my ex contacted CAS as a pre-emptive strike because she perhaps realized that her actions in dealing with the situation could be scrutinized.
      I don't have the aggressive issues here because I put a stop to conflict between the kids as soon as it starts. It seems to only exist at her house


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        Originally posted by thefunone View Post
        Does anyone know what the Standard Operating Procedures are for CAS when the get involved with a family?
        Here you go:


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          Thanks - I'm sorry - I should have been a little more specific...what I want to know is in their there an indication when they are to speak to or even notify each of the parents that an investigation is underway?
          I get notified by my ex on a Sunday that on the Friday before CAS had contacted her - and visited her.
          I waited patiently until finally...on Wednesday - I contacted CAS to find out what was going on?
          It didn't / doesn't have anything to do with me - but then...if that's the case... should I not have been immediately informed??


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            Having dealt with the CAS for years now, here's what I believe is their SOP:

            1. Make yourself available as little as possible. This means don't answer the phone, don't even have a front desk and someone answer the phone. Have little info on a web site.

            2. Don't lift a finger, don't do anything to help. One example of this is me showing for a scheduled appointment once after hours. Door locked so I ring and see people inside just looking at me, not coming to inquiry why I'm there.

            3. Don't tell any information to anyone involved. That relates to your question. Seems to me if the CAS saw your ex, assuming this is not a usually thing, they have a reason to be there and maybe you should be informed as to the reason. It may impact you.

            They may or may not have an official SOP. But the culture and de facto SOP in my opinion having dealt with them is the above. There's an attitude of "we can do anything we want". They'll lie and deceive you at every turn so don't trust them.

            If your ex had not told you, you never would have known about this, certainly not from the CAS itself. While I understand your ex calling the CAS as a pre-emptive strike (I assume they were not in the picture before then), this decision may come and bite you for years to come. You won't be able to get rid of them now and you both may feel like you're harassed by the CAS.


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