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*sigh* shit has been stirred up again.

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  • *sigh* shit has been stirred up again.

    Babys mama is stirrin shit up again.

    long story short. restraining order is in...again. her lawyer sought an order barring me from questioning the respondent in trial. so i now have to get a lawyer just to question her which is pathetic.

    trial is set to april 28th (week of) trial conference is april 9th.

    when the justice hearing the case when the mother ressurected the case was unimpressed but nevertheless scheduled trial and made sure that trial was soon. had a settlement conference later in that month (january, which was also ordered that a conference be scehduled.) at settlement the trial was ordered,

    So now i have to prepare for trial because the respondent claimed i was neglecting and that i have a temper issue.

    I have stellar track record with the supervision when i was going there.(access was there before we "settled").

    I have a psychiatrist appointments to find out whether or not i have issues.

    i now have to prepare for trial.

    normally people would get the settlement turned into a court order but the justice that heard the motion decided to schedule a settlement conference.

    I must call upon this community to help and assist me.

    the current issues are declaration of parentage, custody and access.

    If you require information please dont hesitate to ask.

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    Declaration of parentage? Has that become a default request? I have the same thing in the applicant's papers even though parentage of our son has never been any kind of an issue. How does it pertain in your case?


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      record purposes. one would think once they admit i am the father the dispute would be resolved.


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        I thought declaration of parentage issues were mainly about same-sex couples, surrogate parents or test-tube babies.

        How do you fit into this category?


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          You did have DNA testing right?


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            No DNA in my case. If my name is on the birth certificate that by default makes me his parent regardless of DNA or so I thought?

            I don't know that I would do a DNA test, I can only imagine what that would do to our son, or what it would do to his relationship with his mother.

            He is my son. I am legally and ethically his father regardless of DNA.


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              @ Arabian.I thought the same thing too. It was to make it a matter of record for men not declared on a birth registration or to establish custody in cases where there was assisted reproduction such as same sex or donor sperm.

              Seems odd to me.


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                declaration of parentage can be used by anyone to establish on the record that you are a parent. doesnt matter what sex you are.


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                  Okay well thanks for the info SynGreis. I guess it's just a default request now.


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                    at 400.00 - 500.00/hr I guess the lawyers will figure out the parentage - seems silly to me if someone just needs to do a blood test


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                      here is a quick way to resolve the issue.

                      Are you the father?
                      Great issue resolved!


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                        What if ...... you aren't the daddy? Yes that psychiatric assessment might be handy to have.


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                          apparently you need to put in a motion to have the assessment put into the record as evidence.


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                            I took a little stroll down 'memory lane' (your previous lengthy thread from last year) and there was much lively discussion on the parentage of the child. There was another man involved at one time. I would therefore assume that there is much more to this matter. One doesn't normally raise parentage just for shits and giggles. I'm sure your lawyer will discuss this with you thoroughly.


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                              the other man was a fabrication. she already admitted it on record.


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