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    It won't look good on you if you filed an urgent motion.

    I can't see what the 'urgency' is. Certainly keeping the child out until 9pm is not really in she best interests. But, is it March Break. And I don't see this as a prank; I would be hard pressed to do the same thing under the same circumstances having been served with papers and living under the same roof - avoiding the other party as much as I could.

    I honestly can't see the issue. You already have 50-50. And your going to ask for the same thing?

    Remember that when you no longer live under the same roof you will have NO SAY as to what time she brings the child home.


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      Originally posted by oink View Post
      It's a game she is playing, and bad advice by her so called friends who led her up to this point. We could have wrapped this up in mediation if she hadn't put money first before child, and refuse to go 50-50 custody.

      She pretty much told me to take her to court, and that is exactly what I have done. She honestly needs to get herself a lawyer like she did against her ex because her separated friend is no legal expert, and is just leading her astray (in the friend's case, he abandoned his kids and moved out)

      Yes..I don't plan to have a say in what she does in her own time, but until we have a court order, she just can't keep the kid out all the time. Perhaps I should pick up the kid from school since I finish early and do the same?
      So, let her play her games. But Oink, after all this times on these boards surely you know not to do the same thing; I am hoping that is a sarcastic remark!

      Yes, you didn't have the option and had to go the court route; if she wants to take her advice from her 'friend' consider it as karma in a sense. But damn, don't let it get your 'panties' in a knot. It is good for you really!


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        Your issue does not qualify as "urgent." All it will do is demonstrate that you are difficult and attempting to control her. Judges hear urgent motions for abuse/endangerment/abduction risks - - where exactly do you think your concerns fit in with that?

        He's 5, and I doubt he's in any imminent danger at this point, of not making it into Harvard. You need to loosen up the reins or any progress you might be making will quickly fall apart. Too emotional and knee-jerk.

        You and your stbx are 2 different people and will "parent" differently - together or apart. That's just the way it is.


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          All our ex's know how to press our buttons the secret to moving on it changing our buttons. So that they can't push them anymore.


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            And did the police take a report from you?

            No. CAS will not help you.


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              I think you have done all you can. CAS won't in act something it's out of there hands.
              If you continue to live there which I suggest you do. and CAS becomes involved they may ask you to leave. At which point simply ask them to point you to the nearest shelter for men with children that allows you to take the children.
              Be careful what you say on here.
              This statement could be used against you. Always be careful what you say, we all know what you mean, but a judge my look at it in another way as in you are inflexible to co-parenting and or equal shared parenting.
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                And did you record that conversation? Did you get the constables badge number, did you get the incident number?


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                  Originally posted by oink View Post
                  Involveddad....edit your post, I have done the same
                  Edit what?


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                    done and done (10 characters)


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                      [QUOTE=oink;130301]I have the const business card with name, and I'll be calling her tomorrow to get the incident number. This will be passed on to legal counsel along with the note that stbx replied to, saying "you don't get to decide, take me to court"

                      Don't give it to council dude, save the money. Go down and file a FOI request using the incident number. pay the five bucks.

                      you can tell your council what you have done, but give them strict instructions not to inform the other side or their council.


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                        sounds like the bitch im dealing with.

                        perseverance and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.


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                          Oink, I think all he is saying is to go and get the copy of the entire report yourself (rather than just getting the incident number). Take the copy of the report to your lawyer rather than paying the lawyer to obtain it.

                          FOI is Freedom of Information....


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                            No problem. How would you know unless you've already done it or investigated it?

                            The 5 bucks is the fee the police department charges to give you a copy of the report.


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                              Originally posted by oink View Post
                              pardon my ignorance.....could you please elaborate on this? If I know what to do here, I'll definitely treat the incident report as suggested, instead of using my legal counsel to do it.

                              So...go down where, and what form is needed?
                              Go down to police station and file a request for information under the freedom of information act.


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                                I ask... because I haven't done this before, but should he ask for a "Freedom of information" report, for the incident, or should he obtain an actual Incident or police occurance report?

                                I know there is a price difference between the two, and what information is shown. Ex. $5 vs $50. I've heard the FOI reports are mostly useless, as most of the info that does not pertain to him specifically, is blacked out?

                                Can anyone clarify?


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