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Child cuts finger, while bathing - other parent was not attending -smoking downstairs

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    To the OP.. it's a 4 yr old. Most people try to downplay injuries to young kids so they give don't you extra drama. Bottom line is that the injury was attended to.

    You are in for the long haul. Be consistent on how you parent. It pays off.

    I have three children. #1 never lived with me. I had access but she often refused and I spent years not even seeing him ( they do get busy lives ). Fast forward 25 years .... he loves me. He even dropped her half of the hyphenated name.
    #2 & #3 were in a shared custody arrangement for 6 yrs. The ex did the snatch grab and safe home routine. The youngest came out the Safe home with a cast on her arm so my very first day of shared custody was to drive 1.5 hrs to the hospital for cast removal. On the way home from there I got T-boned with the children in the truck. So one my first day of custody I had to phone her up and get the kids and keep them for three months while I recovered.
    My best advice to you is to buy two packs of kid bandaids that SHE picks out. One for your house and one for moms. She will think of you when she puts a bandaid on EVERY little cut she has..and her doll and her dog ....


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      He said his daughter informed him that mom came upstairs when she called her. You can't assume a 4 year old is retarded. My daughter is capable of recognizing if I were to come upstairs if she were to holler for me. I know that the word of young children can not always be taken as the gospel, but telling him it's not a big deal, ignore it, nothing you can do terrible advice. He needs to keep this on the back burner at least or do some further research into what he can do, especially if CAS was involved before for some reason involving irresponsibility or negligence.

      Yes, I am shocked. Why is that surprising? If any of you find that leaving a young child in a tub of water alone, with a razor to boot, while you are on a different floor , acceptable behaviour that is just terribly sad in my books.


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        Originally posted by dad2bandm View Post
        So, I picked my D4 up today.
        It wasn't until I had her in my vehicle, pulling out (Mom had already went back in house), that my daughter wanted to show me her thumb. It was bandaged up. I didn't notice this outside. Mom failed to mention anything to me, she had ducked back in the house already, without telling me anything.

        So I asked my D how she cut her tumb, and she related she cut it on "Mommy's razer". Apparently, it was sitting on the tub edge, because I asked her where she got a razer. I figured she was snooping through a drawer or something at Mom's, but I guess it was on the tub edge, while D is having a bath?

        I asked her, what Mommy did, when she cut herself, and D said Mommy was downstairs smoking in the basement when she cut herself. I was not happy hearing that. I guess she came up, when D was crying for her. I told D, that it looks like Mommy bandaged it up, and it looks okay now. I also reminded her, to never play with razers or knives if she finds them.

        I took a look at the cut, and it seems minor, so I'm not worried about the cut, except maybe to ask Mom to keep her razers out of reach - it could have been a worse cut, but it wasn't. What I'm more worried about, is the fact that my D says mom was downstairs smoking, while my D4 is in the tub by herself.

        Kids at this age, should not be left alone in the tub. Too many things can happen.
        I'm only going by what D relates, but I'm of the belief, that kids at this age, don't make stuff up. They're going to relate what they see/do/hear.

        I had a prior semi-related thread on this, with Mom smoking in the house:

        This keeps coming up. Mom claims she doesn't smoke in the house. It seems she does by how many times this seems to come up, and now it seems it was taking precedence over supervising daughter while bathing.

        I'll likely ask Mom about what happened to D's thumb - but I'll either get no response or a hostile response, again.
        It's been a very long time since my kids were young....

        Rereading over OP's post...he wasn't sure if the razor was on the tub's edge or not, that Mom was smoking in the basement when Mom said she doesn't smoke in the house, that he will "likely" ask Mom what happened but might not get a response or none at all..

        Maybe I'm wrong but I give the Mom the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure that I was with my kids when they took baths at that age, but suppose I needed to go take a bathroom break. It's either go to the guest bathroom or even the toilet in the basement. Maybe that's the reason why Mom was down there in the first place. Maybe the razor was not on the tub's edge, because the child isn't sure of the location. Sometimes kids will become very excited when they see their parents reacting and will become confused and/or tell them what they want to hear.


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