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  • A quick hello!

    So, I guess given that I've been around for a few days - and plan on sticking around as I find my way through my mess - an introduction is probably in order.

    So hi! I'm Dubby - friends call me D. The name is actually something I've had for years. It kinda stuck. I'm 27, work in telecommunications (overnights) and have been married for 4.5 years.

    My wife ('A') and I knew each-other growing up and I had a crush on her as a kid. We grew apart as we aged, and lost touch towards the end of high school. Part way through her university, she contacted me, and we sped through the whole date-move in-engaged-married thing in 18 months. Whoops. She was my first true long-term relationship (and took lots of other 'firsts' titles as well).

    I'm excited to have found a place like this - somewhere where I can be open about what's going on. Most of my friends know "Married D" and don't like him all that much (I don't blame them). They have also never been big fans of 'A'. I actually lost a lot of my best friends before I got married. So this place will be a nice spot for me.

    I have seen a counsellor and am following some of her advice, but am also excited to get to know some of you and start following and trusting your advice too.

    See you around!


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    Well D, I too met my stbx when I was 4 years old. She lived across the street one house over and we grew up all the way thru highschool. life went by for a bit and we too got back together. Married 24 years last June, we both know why we are here. I feel like I owe many people here so much for the help, advice and training, which I desperately needed to have to allow me to survive, keep my sanity and learn how to live under the same roof as her. I know I have issues - life has continued and over time and several moves I too find myself without friends aside from a couple of very nice wives on our street.

    I didn't have the life energy to get out there so my life really did become my family, our kids and my wife. This transition continues to push my limits to the max so often....... and I really believe in my heart I would have taken the biggest mistake one can make in life and I my life to a few people I meet face to face and definately the people here who have made such an effort on my behalf.

    No matter how you found/stumbled or however got you here, there is not a better place than this forum where for most, the honesty, openness and the vast knowledge offered has made, at least for me, a refuge from the craziness, lonliness and despair that divorce can bring on to an individual.

    So welcome aboard!


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      D: Welcome to the forum. As you will see from reading posts, this forum is one of kind where you can vent, obtain advice, people's opinions, expertise and even make friends. People don't always agree with what some have to say, but I say each to their opinion, we are all human, unique and what makes this world go around. Life wouldn't be much fun if we were all alike, we sure wouldn't need this forum! There isn't much topic this forum does not cover. Again welcome!


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