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He doesn't want a divorce

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  • He doesn't want a divorce

    This is my first time posting in this forum and am hoping someone can help me understand why my husband doesn't want to give me a divorce.

    6 months ago I came home to a note saying that my husband of 23 years was gone and starting a new life. He moved in with his girlfriend of 3 years. We had had some issues in our marriage with this woman a few years back but my husband reassured me there was nothing going on and that he loved me and would never leave me or cheat on me. Since he walked out the door I have found out that they were in fact having an affair for 3 years. He has not spoken to or faced me since the day he walked out. The legal process started shortly after he left and my lawyer has started divorce proceeding but my husband refuses to agree to divorce he does not want a divorce only a legal seperation. Why would he not want a divorce. He cheated on me didn't even have the balls to talk to me about leaving just left a note. There is no chance of getting back together. He has fought me on every issue that has come up legally. He is disposing of and selling assets. I just want to settle this fairly and divide everything and move on. He wants no contact with our adult children or our grandchildren. He feels he should have all the assets that we own that I should have nothing. I don't understand how someone that you are married to for 23 years can walk out and be so angry and unfair to the person left behind

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    My ex has said something similar, that he's happy with the separation and doesn't feel a need to move on to the divorce. I always felt it was one last twinge of Catholic guilt or something, like as long as the divorce wasn't finalized, the marriage wasn't completely over and he wasn't a sinner. Or possibly some sense of laziness that he has no intention of ever getting married again, so why bother going through the trouble. Failing completely to realize, of course, how this makes me (and you) feel.

    But fortunately, it's not up to him. Once you've been separated for a year, you have grounds for divorce and his refusal to participate won't stop the process.

    The rest, I don't have much insight on, sorry. Sounds like he was slowly changing, unbeknownst to you, and has chosen to blame you for the whole marriage breakdown. It's not much of a jump to go from there to not wanting to share anything with you, especially with a lawyer encouraging him.


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      get your lawyere on the selling of assets. I am dealing with this as well. no one is supposed to dissapate assets.


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        I agree with the twinge of Catholic guilt part Rioe. He feels he has done nothing wrong and there is no need to divorce. I am happy to hear that after a year his refusal won't stop the divorce.


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          TMAC I have contacted my lawyer and printed the ads and gave them to him. My husband has done so many things since he left my lawyer says he is painting himself into a corner. I have proof of all the assets as I took pictures of everything that we owned which my lawyer also has. I also have people who are willing to sign affidavits saying what was left on the property when I moved out. Me staying in the home had become a safety issue. I was no longer safe there. How do you handle the emotion that goes along with them dissipating assets. It makes me so mad that he is trying to screw me after all this


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            kinda personal I will pm you


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              You might not even have to wait a year - talk to your lawyer. There are a couple of reasons that a divorce can be fast-tracked and adultry is one of them.


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                Originally posted by inseperationhell View Post
                You might not even have to wait a year - talk to your lawyer. There are a couple of reasons that a divorce can be fast-tracked and adultry is one of them.
                True, but I believe there is a burden of proof in this case. It could be less painful to just wait the rest of the year.


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                  Actually it is funny that you say that inseperationhell (love that name btw) my lawyer mentioned that to me that we don't have to wait a year. That was before my husband reponded with not wanting the divorce though


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                    Originally posted by runaway View Post
                    Me staying in the home had become a safety issue. I was no longer safe there.
                    Hmmmmmmmm.... This *appears* to contradict what you said in your 1st post.

                    My advice as you move ahead would be to stick to the facts.

                    Whether he wants a divorce or not is immaterial: If you want one, you will get one. If you cannot agree on division of debts and assets, someone will decide this for you... He doesn't have to consent to anything and is only missing out on an opportunity to do it the cheap, easy, and less-painless way now.




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                      Sorry Gary I guess it did sound like a contradiction. I just re read your post and realized what part you were talking about in my post. Sorry new at this. I never spoke to him or faced him when he showed up at the home. It was friends that dealt with him when he showed up there. I never stayed alone as we lived outside of town and friends stayed with me after he left. I never went to the door or outside when he showed up because he was flying off the handle every time. I even have pictures of the blood from his hands that he left on stuff from hitting it so hard

                      Cheap, easy and less-painless sounds good to me


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