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New to forum not to divorce!

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  • ddol1
    well just as a little greener in the forum (my very first forum to boot!)) and definately greener at the divorce "game for my life" and judgiing from your words - I hope to gosh to be able to figure out how to break the system and just get the thing done before i die or have a permanent mental break down, loose my kids forever in the heat of battle. And yes the kids in my mind even at 18, 20 and still a young 22 are feeling first hand the tension (to put it mildly) that is thicker than molasses!

    welcome and I am sure as you embrace all the site has to offer you will find that everyone here has a different story and the same book cover......

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  • swimmingwithsharks2011
    started a topic New to forum not to divorce!

    New to forum not to divorce!

    Hello to anyone interested in reading this,

    I'm very green to using forums. This is the 3rd time I've tried to post this intro! Aaaaagh!

    7 years separated, divorce order finally signed (by the trial judge) just last month, 2.5 years after the trial. A long, tedious story of legal delay tactics by ex's lawyer. Have 2 beautiful kids (12 and 16), joint custody, primary residence with me.

    Lived through the experience (short-lived) of trying to reach a friendly agreement with ex in first year of separation, without laywers for custody, access and financials settlement. I was a dreamer back then.

    Lawyers enter picture, things get totally screwed up for the next 2 years. Drained me of all available cash and credit. Had to go to trial as a self-rep and did a spectacularily abyssmal job, and living the consequences of it now with the two kids. Didn't help that the judge was "a witch" according to my brief time with a top family law litigator, who I couldn't afford at the end.

    Sure wish I knew about this forum back in 2008, it would have helped me a lot as I went to trial. I was like a "deer caught in the headlights" through the whole process.

    Have learned a lot from the experience, a little late though. Perhaps what I have learned I can share in this forum to save even one person from the legal hell I have experienced which would give me some consolation.

    Definately continuing to learn from all the posts I've read. Divorce is an ongoing process even after the papers are signed.


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