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hi a newbie here who needs help

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  • hi a newbie here who needs help

    I live in quebec my wife and I are seperated we were married from 1989 to 2005 than legally divorced in 2005 ...remarried in 2007 and now this again I have to boys 18 and 20 they live with me at home she is either at her mom's or in the hospital major depression. I put her name back on morgtgage and now she is threatening my house my pension and any money earned from my company....Can you tell me after 3 years and her leaving and cheating do i have any recourse or am i screwed and could end up alimony to support her ...she has no job and lose half of eveything again

    Can someone help please

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    The laws in Quebec are often quite difference, but afaik the federal act applies to divorce everywhere. If you remarry, then everything from the original split is wiped clean, you are just plain married again.

    So she get's half the house again. She could end up with 3/4's of the house this way, but the same thing would have happened if you married someone else and split with them.

    Spousal support should be totalled from 2007. Did she get spousal after the first divorce?


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      There was no spousal support just a split of all things. The house was then in my name but after we bought a cottage and i splitr the mortgage and put her name on it. we have since sold cottage. Would she not have to prove she contributed to house


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