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  • Need advice & a lawyer

    My spouse of almost 10 yrs and I are headed down the seperation/divorce path. We have 2 small children.

    My spouse & I have had problems for years and went to see a marriage therapist but things have got a lot worse lately. My spouse had addicition issues when we got together, got clean and now is back drinking again. A few times I have gone out and came home to find my spouse intoxicated at home with the kids upstairs. I told my spouse after cleaning up the 1st time that I would not stand for the drinking again and now I worried about the safety of our kids. It's not safe for them to be with my spouse when my spouse is drinking.

    I think the next step is seperation or divorce and trying to get custody of the kids but I really need to get some legal advice before making my next move.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sorry to hear about your situation. First thing that came to mind was that if you do separate are you prepared for your spouse to have your kids 50% of the time without you around?

    It is not uncommon for separating spouses to make wild accusations against each other (not saying your problem with your spouse isn't true) and I believe the system tries to give both parents equal access.

    You might want to have a frank discussion with your family physician about the situation if you haven't already.

    I believe that you have to act in the best interests of your children. Is there someone that would be willing to care for the children while you are at work? Perhaps a family member or close friend? If you separate this will likely become a very important issue for you to have addressed.


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      A significant fact is your home province as the family law is not identical across the country.

      I really need to get some legal advice before making my next move.
      Have you seen a lawyer? If not, you may wish to consider using the Lawyer Referral Service to obtain a free half hour consultation.


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        I just want to say that my story is very similar to yours. If you ever need an ear to which to vent, I’m here. Unfortunately I am at the first steps myself, so no advice to offer, just to say to hang in there.


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