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how many hours a week do u work

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      I was a fitter welder in my day. Work was well work and contracts must be met in terms of delivery. I have worked for places that gave free will to the group - do the hours get the job done and we were paid 1-1/2, double and at times triple so i never worked for free. Once or twice I went 30 hours straight - each time i was paid for the next few days to sleep! Then rested i took on my regular shifts

      Then i worked for a place that made it a clear condition of employment - manditory overtime as required to make delivery deadlines - go three or four or five months working 12 hours 7 days a week was exhausting. Days off were based on how exhausted we were and productivity was falling - so we got a day off or a few days back to 8 hours. That was hard but they also paid us to sweep the floor when there was no work - they wanted to retain a trained employee as work was going to return. This is the company that I had my work injury that has affected me every day since - it had nothing to with the hours as we were in a slow period - it just was the wrong place, the wrong movement and bang!

      Through that I was a good husband and a good dad too. I filled every hour in my days with purpose to get the most out of my family time i could when i could. I also made ggreat money at a time when we needed it - a brand new family, mortgage, car payments......... life!


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        I am military try 6 mos tour with NO time off in 6 mos.... other then when you are sleeping.Everyday 6-ish am you were not needed any longer...but hey I love my career..seriously


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