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commonlaw relationships

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  • commonlaw relationships

    Is there anyone who has figured out how to prove that their EX is in a commonlaw relationship when theyre trying to hid it to protect the support she is getting? This seems like another major flaw in the justice system.

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    What kind of support?

    In general, whether she is in a new relationship or not will not have much effect on the support you pay, though sometimes it may affect spousal support, and if you're very poor, you might be able to use it to claim undue hardship to have some of your support payments reduced. This would be called a material change in circumstance.

    The only way "force" disclosure is through court, and it's also the only way to change support arrangements unless she is in agreement with the changes.


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      The only support being paid is spousal. The standing agreement is it will end in after 6 months if in a marriage or commonlaw relationship, so yes this will affect my support majorly. As far as forcing disclosure, not going to happen, the relationship isnt being hidden but the living situation sure is, for the lose of 1850.00 a month, im sure everything that can be done to keep it descreet is being done.


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