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  • Lets Debate this Topic 2

    Medical and Dental

    WE agree that

    A couple have separated
    Their are two children... no three of this union.
    (now I'm debating with myself - ha ha ha)

    who should foot the bill for all of the resonable medical and dental costs for the children, and why?

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    I would have to say they are section 7 expenses of the guidelines and amounts would be shared on a prorated basis to reflect each parent's salary.


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      These are tough debate topics, Honey... the law covers most of them. Unless you're thinking that people will object to a proportional split of the medical/dental expenses based on incomes, I'm not sure this one will go too far. Keep generating debates, though; I love debates.. very educational.


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        Okay then how about the wife at her place of employment has always covered the medical/dental expenses (and lets say) and no cost to her covered 100% by her employee.

        When the couple split should the wife continue paying this or should they split this 50/50?

        and lets say that when you go to the dentist even if there is a 80% payout from the insurance company who should pay the dentist and when the cheque comes in from the insurance policy who should be given this money?

        (hows that?)


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          Ah, trying to stir up the pot! If the wife gets the medical for free (or at least doesn't have to pay any of it), I would think that unless she really hated her husband, that she'd agree to take this part. Maybe her husband could take the dental if in reality the bills would come out to about the same (if the had to pay). Otherwise, going by income seems fair.


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            this another debate my ex still has with me...when we split he dropped our child from his coverage at work without telling........I added my child to the last 4 years since we split he has to yet to take our child to dentist or doctor........I pay all medical expenses......he claims he cant afford it.......yet he can afford veneers for himself and not even a checkup for our child.........figure that one out...........


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              Okay guy's sorry but maybe I'm a bad mom.... I don't know... I paid for the medical and the dental for both the kids AND MY EX.

              Let me explain why.... when my ex and I split 15 years ago, I had and paid for both the medical and the dental benefits that we enjoyed. As his company did not offer any benefits and I had to pay the full rate for family for the kids anyway, I kept him on. I wasn't about to argue about $75.00 a month (which would have been his cost to me if we had split it) - that $75.00 in my pocket every month... I don't really think it would have made me any happier then I already was. So was it really, at the end of the date worth it, so I kept him on there for about 5 or 6 years, ah... but the upside to this was.... I never ever took the kids to the dentist....I made him take them. ha ha ha

              P.S. - Sometimes there are somethings that just ARE NOT WORTH fighting for guy's, pick your battles to win, so you loose a few thousand here and there are your kids happy, healthy and doing well in school? Do they respect you? or do they treat the guy at the corner store with more respect?...these are the things that are important.... MONEY.... any fool can make money....


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                I think both parents should be responsible for the medical/dental expenses so I suppose it should be a matter of how much. This is a tough call because not only does it depend on who makes more but who is the custodial parent/or more likely to be spending time taking the children to their various appointments.

                But then as Honey I'm Home pointed out is it really worth the effort to try and decide who's responsible for what concerning this matter? I guess it's a case by case situation.


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