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In defence of the work judgement

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  • In defence of the work judgement

    Time and again here people will post up a question or a viewpoint and then when somebody disagrees the original poster gets his/her backup because they got told something that they didn't want to hear.

    Then the knee jerk response is that the original poster is being judged.

    Well you know what? Fundamentally when people ask for advice, they are asking for a judgement of what ought to happen. Every time someone offers advice, they are making a judgement.

    The word judgement takes a beating around here because it is so often used to discredit the views of someone who tells someone else what they don't want to hear.

    It's peculiar how people don't use the word "judgement" when they get advice that agrees with them e.g. "Hey thanks Joe for that judgement. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm headed off to the FRO right now". I guess it just doesn't have the same ring to it as when you are dissing someone else's advice. Oh well.

    The thing is, all advice stems from a judgement, not just the advice you don't want to hear.

    So how about giving the word judgement a break OK? I propose that if you don't agree with someone else's advice to you, don't tell them they are judging you. Just call a spade a spade and tell them you think they are a prick
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    Moreover, most of the "judgements" that are given are based on previous "judgements" that "judges" made at "trials". If someone can't handle being "judged" here on the internet, they're going to melt into a pile of sludge when they are on the witness stand.


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      Amen DTTI. BUT............................I don't think all advice stems from a judgement. Advice on these forums is given from personal experience. I may PERSONALLY dislike a person by what they have written but that does not negate me from giving advice based on the law or my own personal experience - that is not judging.

      I don't think it needs to be reiterated again, but I will say it - while you are asking for advice on these forums, you are getting PERSONAL advice from people who have lived the experience. You are not getting legal advice ( while I have seen a few people hold themselves out as such lately, shamefully). The thing is, as much as you write, each persons experience and story is so PERSONAL, it only can be given advice by a lawyer (much to the detriment of our pocketbooks) based on their knowledge at the time. Case law changes from day to day.......

      But support and understanding on the forum? These are second to none (even when one may not like it) - let those criticize you at times - they may seem like the devils advocate. So what? It may help you prepare for what the other lawyer picks on you about!

      But judgement? I dare not judge another person for the human fear that they judge me. May my responses be looked at within perspective, and not as a judgement.

      Quite frankly, I pity the Judges who have to make such personal decisions in the family court system.


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        Originally posted by Mess View Post
        ...they're going to melt into a pile of sludge when they are on the witness stand.
        Now that's not a pretty picture.


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          and the "you" in my last comment is about people on the forum in general, not the original poster. This is a very enlightening post that takes away from the nitty gritty of each person's specific case. I hope more people read it and take something away from it.


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            well said. Too bad we can't have some sort of disclaimer on each new member's first post to explain that.


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              Originally posted by billiechic View Post
              well said. Too bad we can't have some sort of disclaimer on each new member's first post to explain that.
              Ha! Ha! I found it! Too funny and alittle scary at the same time billie


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                Great minds Tug...


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                  Not to mention, good looking, youthful, and intelligent, independant, loveable etc etc etc what more can a person ask for...
                  why is it again why we are getting divorced ...
                  Oh ya, because we stopped being treated like shit, got our shit together and moved on to better ourselves and our children


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                    My dream foursome.


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                      I told you before...I don't play golf!


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