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  • Any advice?

    I've been married for 24 years and have an 18 year old daughter. For all intent and purpose, we've just been co-existing for the past 10 years. I've finally realized that I just can't pretend anymore. I'm not employed outside of the home, but currently receive a paycheck from my husband's company (he's self-employed). How can I get out of this?

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    Have you spoken to your husband conveying your views to fair resolution. If anything you may receive their position.

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      Thank you logicalvelocity

      for your response. I am in a difficult position in that I have been unable to find employment and gave up a wonderful job that I had for over 20 years because my husband would not allow me to commute when my job was moved away (about 2 hours away). I would like to know if the law would recognize that I had to give up my career at his insistance?


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        welcome to the board. I am not totally sure about the court would say you gave up your career at your husbands insistence. Your job moved 2 hours away and there are not too many people that would drive two hours to work, put in a full day and then two hous to get back home. The judge may look at it that way.

        You are not employed outside the home but get a paycheck from your husbands company?? So basically you are employed by him.

        Talk to your husband and see if you guys can settle this without too much stress.


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          Your paycheck sounds like salary splitting.

          Don't turn on him by asking for half (so called entitlement) and he may not turn on you.

          Don't look for 1/2 salary and 1/2 his business worth (regardless of the law). Nobody should be able to demand 1/2 the money AND the means by which it is made.

          My greedy ex tried that and almost ruined me and herself.


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