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    Good day forum,

    When my ex filed for divorce she has requested restraining order against me - the judge hasn't granted that as there was no grounds to support her claim - I didn't have to fight that.
    During the divorce itself ex was coming with some crazy stories about my "behaviour" during the exchange - all was nonsense, but every letter from lawyer is expensive, which is why I requested all exchanges only in school or in public place with cameras, no homes or anything.

    Now divorce is granted, I am staying away from ex, but she despite she initiated the divorce, actually can't let me go, and stalks me, stands with her car in front of my house etc. with a pretext to give something to kid inside of my house etc. She is on public road, so I assume I can't do anything, or can I? I am not looking to press any charges or fining her, or going to court for order, just want my private life to be private. We did have incidents of her secretly video/audio recording me in past. Again, it isn't illegal, but in my home I want to have some privacy.


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    Ignore. She is trying to egg you into conflict to support her claims. Avoid her, don't let her get to you, go about your life. She will grow tired and move on.


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      Originally posted by rockscan View Post
      Ignore. She is trying to egg you into conflict to support her claims. Avoid her, don't let her get to you, go about your life. She will grow tired and move on.
      it does reduce my chances to move on. One thing is divorced man with kids, and other is divorced man with kids and jealous ex wife always around,

      Friends got divorced from second marriage over very same argument over noisy ex. It is of course possible to argue "find yourself someone who would ignore your ex", but some people like private life to be private, and tend to avoid 1+1 + ex relationships.

      But yes, personally I am ignoring it just as you said, in hopes she will get tired of her own childish behaviour.


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        My husbands ex used to send him bullshit emails and call him every Sunday night at 10:30. He would get anxious whenever he heard his tablet ding or the phone ring. It went on for about two years until he stopped engaging with her. He stopped responding to her bullshit emails and unplugged his phone at 7 pm. It stopped shortly after that.

        It may take her a while but she will get the message. And if you are lucky like my husband, you will find a woman who is ok with a divorced man


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          Your ex's behavior sounds downright crazy, and I can see why it's bothering you. From stalking to intrusive actions, she's crossing some serious boundaries.

          I know you might be considering legal action, but honestly, court is likely a waste of time in this situation. Especially since she's female, pursuing legal recourse might not lead to the results you want.

          Here's a piece of advice that might help: don't feed her supply. Narcissistic individuals often thrive on attention and reactions. If you act unphased and ignore her antics, she might lose interest and move on.


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