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  • Hi everyone!!

    Well hello everyone! So nice to see some familiar faces here!

    Two issues brought me back here. One, I was wondering if a lawyer can simply refuse to respond to reasonable communication. For example, I send ex's lawyer an email asking if ex is going to resume child support now that daughter1 is back in school full time (after a brief time of part time while she got her life on track). Lawyer (female) responds with Mr. Ex has advised me to ignore any communication from you. Any further emails will not be responded to. Blah blah blah. My emails were always brief and professional. So what is the rule? Is it different if lawyer is replying to a lawyer instead of self represented me? Is there any professional obligation to respond? LOL.

    Second, have any of you followed the case of Clayton Misener? He was in the news several years back for allegedly taking his children out of the country to protect them from mom's alleged abusive new husband. I am friends with Clay and his case is fascinating. Asylum, Hague convention, tribunal, extradition, warrants, the works.....

    I am biased as his children disclosed the abuse to me and I am firmly on Clay's side but I sure would talk privately if anyone needs information or believes they could help him.

    I sincerely hope all is well with every single one of you.

    No longer sad but always tired. LOL
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    Do you have an order? Can you file with fro? Do you have contact info for your ex?

    I say ignore the lawyer and file whatever you need to file. Their response shows he has no interest in doing anything you want.


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      Hi Rockscan

      Yes, we have an agreement that he is refusing to pay and refusing to change so I have gathered everything to file with FRO.

      I was just more curious about the rules governing lawyers as a curiosity rather than to actually do anything about the lawyer ignoring me.


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        I believe if their client tells them not to communicate then they can ignore and say they were following direction. Lawyers may chat with each other but would tell the other the same thing. If he had fired his lawyer they would tell you that they no longer represent them.


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          Originally posted by SadAndTired View Post
          Second, have any of you followed the case of Clayton Misener?
          Yes. No comment so far.


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            A lawyer can be directed by their client to ignore you or provide no comment responses. The lawyer may also discourage you from communicating.

            You can chose to ignore that, send them communications that move your case forward, such as offers, also warning of unwanted behavior.
            Don't look like a person that is pesky.

            Make sure you use "without prejudice" at the top of your communications; it is not a blanket cover but can help the lawyer from using your communication in court.

            Don't send letters saying "is your client ready to talk?" every week or saying "this is unfair"


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