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Real Estate Listings for Repossessions and Foreclosures

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  • Real Estate Listings for Repossessions and Foreclosures

    Anyone aware of websites dedicated to bank repossessions, foreclosures etc? I know lots will tell me to get a Real Estate Agent as they likely have access, but was wondering if there was a way to see listings of houses where the house is merely being sold (and not treated as a lottery ticket by would-be sellers). TIA

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    That would be neat to see…I just had a conversation about foreclosures with an agent but never asked that particular question. She said its not much of a deal these days buying or bidding on those unless you get very lucky as they are usually a lot of work, you don’t know what you are getting usually and it could be a huge mess of water damage and mold etc…


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      I don't believe banks do foreclosure sales anymore or they are simply done by a real estate broker that has won a contract with the bank to sell off properties. They would be listed as “as is” on sites.

      Municipalities do tax default auctions and they would be listed annually in the paper or on their website. You may want to check your city's website for tax sales. The two municipalities I worked for had them annually. There aren't that many though as the city tries to reduce the burdens and allow people to tax time to pay.


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