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Looking for a lawyer, can anyone recommend one?

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  • Looking for a lawyer, can anyone recommend one?

    My parents have come to my rescue and are going to pay for me to retain a lawyer. Some advice and a referal would be appreicated

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    It would help if we knew what city you are in!


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      Ottawa.On Canada


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        I am currently dealing with Sasan Gahrns. She was referred to me. She is a Practicing legal Lawyer and has her Ontario Desigination as a Mediation Consultant. I am in the middle of a mess and very emotionally involved because this is not something I wanted. she has been able to keep me straight on all aspects. Especially when I can not think for myself. Her cost is 250 an hour but she dilibrately tries to encougage each client ot gather as much info as possible and do the coping of reports etc so that you do not eat up her time unneccesarily. She wants the fees you pay to her being worthy of the fee.


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