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  • Bluffing

    I am curious.

    Would there be any consequences in this situation (entirely speculative).

    SpouseA makes a claim to SpouseB, indicating that based on legal counsel SpouseB must pay $X.

    SpouseB believes that the claim is not valid, but seeks own legal counsel to confirm or disqualify this claim. It turns out the claim would be disqualified.

    SpouseB then replies to SpouseA with indication of their counsel's commentary, only to find out SpouseA never actually had legal counsel to make a claim/argument.

    Are there any repercussions in such a situation? Unnecessary legal fees? Harassment?

    ( this question is inspired by the thread "The cost of being unreasonable" )

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    There is a cost to being stupid but not something you can recover necessarily.

    Assume anything your ex says is untrue until you do a search. Google is quite good at most things. There is also the federal child support guidelines. This forum is also helpful.

    Just because someone says “I talked to a lawyer and they say…” doesn’t mean its accurate. They could have lies to the lawyer or they could have made it all up.


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      I concur with both Rockscan and Brampton33. In addition you have to realize that
      1) you will never get all of your costs back even if you have behaved like a Saint and your ex’s behaviour has been consistently, non-stop abhorrent. You’ll be lucky to get even 50% of your total costs back
      2). Years, not weeks or months of costly litigation will have to pass by before a judge ever considers making a costs award
      3) collecting your costs award may prove to be another entire nightmare. All the luck in the world may not turn your costs award into cash in your bank account


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        My ex used to repeatedly inform me of facts as told to her by a lawyer. The vast majority of these facts were almost completely incorrect.


        1) Her lawyer was incredibly incompetent
        2) Her lawyer was her coworker talking about a friend who knew a friend who had told her something.

        The first time, I responded by sending her a link to the local courthouse and told her that I would be happy to discuss the matter in an appropriate venue. After that I never bothered to respond.

        There is a saying in divorce forums:

        "Never accept legal advice from the opposing lawyer"

        That is especially true if said lawyer doesn't exist.


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          I would not go so far as to call anyone going to their lawyer for an opinion stupid.

          It doesn't even matter if it is in the original papers you were served or for motions to change. The ex can lie their ass off say they are asking for your kids 100% of the time because you beat them and yell at them. Many of those employed by the Family Court system love it because it pays their bills.

          There should be a law but their isn't best you can do is do what Janus said. Don't believe a single thing and wait for the court paper work.

          and if you are doing this to your ex to upset them shame on you, it is legal but wrong.


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