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  • Ethical question

    I have a pending court case against my ex who cut me off of child support while both kids are still in school (attending university FT). When they turned 18, he felt CS should end and bullied me into withdrawing him from FRO...

    Recently, he was fired from his job (for 30 yrs) from a company he became a 30% owner (for 10yrs). Actual owner found out he was embezzling money.

    I was aware of my exes embezzlement while we were married, (had MANY heated arguments about his dishonesty).

    My lawyer wants to contact his ex employer to ask for corporate taxes etc as she feels he owes me a lot of money as he never adjusted child support based on ownership and sales percentages. (ignored ALL requests for NOAís etc for 15yrs).

    He now unilaterally decides what he will pay for childrenís university. Minimal. Ignores most emails regarding what would be considered section 7ís, and it is a constant fight to get him to help.

    I am tempted to contact his ex boss to collaborate a case....

    Bad idea? Good idea? Illegal?

    Iím very tempted....


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    in some ways i would just leave it alone. You knew he was embezzling money and did not do anything about it, you more then likely enjoyed the extra income until you found out what he was doing, so its not like you have clean hands in this.

    if he ignored all requests for NOA for 15 years you could of taken him to court to make him do it, from your post it seems that you didn't so some of that fault is yours for not taking it to the next level.

    I would just focus on the here and now and not base decisions on what a lawyer feels.


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      It reminds me of those tax or software piracy snitch lines. I have to assume that the only people calling are disgruntled ex spouses and ex employees. The lesson is that if you are going to cheat, make sure to stay married and keep your employees happy.

      Legally, it seems like a good plan. I would certainly do it.

      Even ethically, it feels acceptable to me. People who lie about their income should get burned.


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        If the kids have been in school for less than five years then file a motion for that money.

        If he lost his job recently then the business information is relevant as he was still working and his release was due to illegal activities. You could ask the former employer but it may be that you have to subpoena them.

        As for your role of having knowledge of the matter, if you have been split for 15 years you donít know that he continued it until you heard of his dismissal.

        It doesnt hurt to ask for the records. You should have filed the motion for support when he cut them off.


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          Corporate tax returns will not provide any details that you might think you need. If he has unreported income that is another story such as taxable benefits.
          It sounds like the cost benefit of your plan would be hard to justify.
          Why have you not filed a motion on the support and to get full financial disclosure for 15 years?


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            I treaded VERY lightly for years. If I brought up the subject of money, he would somehow involve the children. I didnít want them stuck in the middle. (If you look up sociopath, his picture would be there). Long story short, I was more concerned for my childrenís mental health at the time. Now that they are older, he canít manipulate them. He is a bully.

            As for reporting him for embezzlement, again, I was afraid for myself and my children. I do know that after we split, the embezzlement continued.

            Thank you everyone for the input.

            Iím getting my ducks in a row.


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              You mentioned that the CS payments were through FRO until they were 18, and you requested FRO termination.

              He is also Ďunilaterallyí paying for their university.

              Ummm, ok...

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