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Doctor sues gay friend for child support, 16 years after he first donated sperm...

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  • Doctor sues gay friend for child support, 16 years after he first donated sperm...

    From National Post newspaper coverage:

    Doctor sues gay friend for child support, 16 years after he first donated sperm to her | National Post

    Reading the story, reveals some interesting dynamics, in that the guy does have some kind of relationship with the kids, so I'm pretty sure he'll have to pay up.

    At least they are older, and we're not talking toddlers here.

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    ....however, cases like this one is not going to help others in the future looking for donors. It's like being a good Samaritan on the street, and the person you just helped get off the ground, is now suing you for damages


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      The problem isn't the woman, it is the law. I want to be mad at her but if at were the inverse there would be a guy who would do the same thing. It's really the law that does thing.


      • #4 a point yes, but just because the law allows for this, doesn't mean we as humans should not have some dignity / take advantage of other people

        I personally think she is an @$$

        Cullimore makes just under $250,000 a year as a gynecologist, obstetrician and university professor, the documents show, while Ranson made just under CAD$280,000 in his most recent post with the World Bank in Europe.

        If Cullimore is successful in her case, Ranson will be on the hook for four years of retroactive child support, since 2012, as well as other expenses, including post-secondary education. His contributions would be “significant” and based on a grid used to determine child support payments, his lawyers said.

        “He feels like now he’s being punished for having been a good spuncle,” Jordan said. “How does he maintain a good relationship with these kids now?
        “This is not something he signed on for.”

        The inverse of this story has played out a number of times in Canada: in 2014 a lesbian couple “said they were hounded” by the family of a man who donated his sperm so they could have children; in 2012, after a Montreal woman died of cancer, her sperm donor fought and won a case to access their child.
        Bill 28, the All Families Are Equal Act, is currently before committee at the Ontario legislature. Levitan said it has some language that would protect men such as her client in the future, but only if they sign agreements before donating sperm. She said the bill as written extends stronger protections to sperm donors when children are conceived outside of a clinic — either through sexual intercourse or at-home insemination kits. She appeared last week before committee to propose amendments to ensure all donors are protected (and other issues with the sweeping bill are addressed.)

        A spokesperson for the attorney general said the bill “may be amended” in committee.

        “While Bill 28 would not change the law pertaining to child support, it would amend the Children’s Law Reform Act to clarify the law regarding the parental status of all of the parties involved in conceiving a child,” the spokesperson said. “The bill also contains provisions dealing with persons who provide reproductive material or an embryo to conceive a child.”
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          Generally people are good and they don't do these type of things but you will always have the outliers that DO these things and thus you have laws.

          Power corrupts and even this is a form of "power" that she has to screw him over.

          Its the same exact situation with corporations - we can't blame corporations for doing tax inversions etc.... because they are built to maximize profit. It is our LAWs that are too lax.

          Furthermore, its the law that ALLOWS her to do this. It isn't as if she is naturally able to take his money. The law itself created an injustice....


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            ...again, just because the law allows something, doesn't mean we as humans shouldn't have the decency to do what is right.

            The Autobahn allows for speeding but that doesn't mean you have to especially if you have loved ones / friends in the car with you


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