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    So I just had a phone call, well a message, from the FRao client advisor because we had asked for an updated case financial statement.

    Apparently FRO now have an online information system you can registering for. Went on the website and there is nothing there. Googled FRO online registration and nothing comes up.

    Anyone know how you register for the new FRO online system?

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    Talk about FROstrating


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      I haven't read or been told about this at all. I just spoke with my caseworker yesterday and things are all set to start with my file and she did say to check with the automated phone link in a week or so. Never mentioned an online system. That would be handy though!


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        The online system in Alberta is really handy. We can email, text and get instant information 24/7. Hope you guys get it soon. Nice to be able to print things out at tax time.


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          Well I will let everyone know if I get the info tomorrow. She is supposed to call me. Will be handy to be able to pull up statements that's for sure.


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            No phone call. System seemed to be done. How slow government works. Hopefully Monday!


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              Any update on this?

              It's not something I've heard about.
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                Ok, so after some tricky signing up protocol. I finally got online.

                It's through Ontario Onestep. My case client advisor suggested I would like to sign up for it and sent me the package.

                So you can get information on your case, what orders are being enforced, what enforcement actions are currently in place and then You can generating a report of your case. The report for recepient show amounts to be paid and amount paid to,the dates you request. So you can generate from day one of for,the last year etc.

                I had thought there was a request option, which there is, but it's only to report change of information,such as address or to report information on your payor regarding work place, contact i formation.

                It's a start. I am sure they will be developing it more.

                Looking forward to the day CRA talks with FRO and automatically adjust CS according to Payors income. It is coming apparently. It would works well for both sides. Because whereas there are many who underpay and despite earnings make it too costly to go to a motion to request an increase there are many who pay too much as their income has been reduced due to unemployment.

                Anyway it's a start.
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                  I asked about this this last time I called and they are sending me a package to register for online. My worker said that forms you usually fax will now be uploaded right onto the account.

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                    Thank you!
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