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    Well, I just found out my ex is on Risperdal. It could explain some of the last year and the way she has acted.

    I wanted to share this talk because it could shed some light for other people too who are trying to separate from people on these types of meds... down the rabbit hole folks! Thoughts?

    The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour at The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

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    Baseless generalization by a controversial critic of modern medicine using it as a platform to further his own agenda: marketing and selling his books and literature on how mental illness is not real. His opinions and information further the stigma against mental illness and prevent people from seeking the help they need.

    It's a very slippery slope to assign any indication about your ex's potential mental health or stability to her treatment with risperidol or any other anti-psychotic medication. And really, it's none of your business.

    You know way too much about your ex, if you know what meds she's taking and unless a doctor has indicated that there is a risk to the children from her treatment or choice of non-treatment, you've no business bringing it up in relation to your divorce whatsoever.


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      Depends on which side of the fence your on. Obviously if an ex doesn't want you to have access to your children your fair game for the Court to rip your life apart (in detail) because you can never be to careful with the safety of the children

      It's doubtful your going to get any ex with children to willingly disclose a risk assessment because of a diagnosis from the doctor

      It can be subetly brought up that things changed in a marriage when a diagnosis was made and now being treated with x...y...or z.

      Judges aren't so stupid they won't connect the dots...leave it up to a Judge to see if has to explored further or ignored

      Below is just a Spousal item it's just one excerpt from FLA:

      (9) In determining the amount and duration, if any, of support for a spouse or parent in relation to need, the court shall consider all the circumstances of the parties, including,
      (a) the dependant’s and respondent’s current assets and means;
      (b) the assets and means that the dependant and respondent are likely to have in the future;
      (c) the dependant’s capacity to contribute to his or her own support;
      (d) the respondent’s capacity to provide support;
      (e) the dependant’s and respondent’s age and physical and mental health
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        Taking an antipsychotic doesn't mean that someone suffers from psychosis. These drugs are used "off-label" to treat all kinds of conditions. And yes, Peter Breggin is a notorious anti-medication crank so I wouldn't put much stock in anything he writes.

        I hope you didn't "find out" what medications your ex is taking by looking through her bathroom or personal belongings ...


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          Anti-psychotic medication can be a good thing if the right med is prescribed at the right dosage. I would not judge critically of anyone on the mere fact of taking such a med. if anything is be more apt to think more favourably of an individual for recognizing they need help and taking responsibility to seek it out. I'd take a person who needs meds and are taking it responsibly over someone who needs meds and are denial over it. Just my two cents...


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