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  • Ah.......being spiteful

    Teens, always think they are invisible when it comes to social media etc

    A Canadian teenage girl has been found guilty of distributing child pornography in connection with "sexting" pictures of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, the youth crown prosecutor for Victoria said Friday.
    So with this record, obviously she is going to struggle getting a "decent" job in the future. Entitlement will be one option

    Read all about it

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    Unfortunately, the impulsiveness of young people coupled with the almost effortless ability to disperse information in a way that makes them feel almost anonymous makes things like this so likely to happen.

    Long term consequences don't register with a lot of kids. Young girls are tacitly encouraged to find ways to humiliate their enemies, and quite often her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is a target. Girls seem less inclined to let a social slight go unanswered.

    Too bad that this will follow her for a long, long time to come. She was looking to hurt someone and ended up damaging herself the most. The defence is looking at the unconstitutionality of not allowing teens to "sext". I am not sure how sending someone else's nude pics would be considered "sexting" or defensible by claiming unconstitutionality.


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      Girls seem less inclined to let a social slight go unanswered.

      That will explain a lot then, come to think of some people's behaviour!

      Then there is this story

      Young teens who engage in "sexting" are more likely to be sexually active, says a study published in the February issue of the journal Pediatrics. The study looked at more than 400 7th-grade students between the ages of 12 and 14, asking about whether or not the teens had engaged in sexting, had been sexually active in the last six months or planned to become sexually active within six months.

      All the participants in the study had been identified by school nurses, counselors or administrators as being "at-risk" youth based on behavioral or emotional issues, researchers reported.
      The study also indicates that teens who send sexual photos are even more likely to engage in sexual activity than subjects who sent text-only messages, with girls and Latinos more likely to have sent photos than other groups.

      And the survey said
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        Her parents are probably divorced...


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          Her parents are probably divorced
          May be, may be not.

          It's not just her future work potential that this could affect. What happens when she has kids and there is a custody battle? Additionally, any chance she is going to disclose this info to future partner(s)?

          I mean some dumb adults do it too via webcam and texts.....they think they are being cool. Once you put it out there, it's no longer yours.....point in case, This Justice from Alberta

          Self esteem must be low on a salary of $324,000


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