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Drinking to numb or cope -- do you? .. did you?

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  • Drinking to numb or cope -- do you? .. did you?

    Personally, I have been there ... just wondering if anyone else has?

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    Still do....


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      Once upon a time I did much worse.

      I still have a drink on occasion, even though all the literature indicates I should be a teatotaler these days.

      Nothing wrong with such vices, until they start to impact your performance in day to day life.

      So I say, Imbibe all you like - just know how much is enough and be self-aware enough to recognize if its a problem.


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        Did, and still do. When the boys are with dad.


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          my "treat" to myself is a glass of wine after the girls go to bed..... it's my unwind time....


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            Great responses - thanks. It's good to know I'm not alone. I got in a little heavy for awhile, then gave it up (hard as hell), and seem to be creeping back lately ... Key is to stop before it gets ya hooked (if you're a getting-hooked type of person, that is) ... Sounds easy, but isn't sometimes!


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              Interestingly, since the Court storm began, I drink a lot less, and a lot less often. I occasionally joke that "I need to learn to drink again." I think I'm subconsciously worried that I'd just feel too depressed if I drank. Plus, I don't know about you guys, but I totally can't handle hangovers anymore. :s I feel if I ever get to a "happier" and less stressed "place" - I will probably indulge a little more (within reason) and get back to being able to achieve the happy glow I once was able to. Secondly, I'm on a tight budget (that's putting it mildly). Alcohol seems like a "luxury" as far as expenditures go. Cheers! We all know when we've had too much. Like the good old saying goes "Drink Responsibly."


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                In the early part of my separation I went out with friends more but never had more than a couple drinks, but that was short lived and was more me coming to grips that I was healthier being away from my wife than with her. I can honestly say if my alcohol consumption has changed since before separation it has decreased. I have the odd G&T, beer or glass of wine but rarely have more than a drink and that's only once or twice a week with friends. Also I can't afford to drink right now with the amount of legal fees and CS I am paying.

                I have leaned a little heavier on another vice (cigarettes) but I committed myself to quitting once the SA/court decision is final.



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                  I have learned that exercise (and lots of it) is the overall best method for coping. When my STBX and I split, my alcohol consumption increased a fair bit until I realized that it made me feel worse, plus of course the cost as well. So I started walking and cycling (a lot) and it really helps me cope through these tough times.


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                    I never drank before, and splitting up didn't make me start. I"ve just never understood the attraction, and can't afford it anyway. Wish I had time to exercise though.


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