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It has been a year...

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  • It has been a year...

    A year to the day tonight...3 am April 7th....a year since the hell ended and in a way the hell began. I am in a lonlier place, a scary place but a better place.

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    Here's hoping it ends sooner rather than later for all of us.


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      InSep: I too have the "anniversary" of the EJECT (in my situation) DATE etched in my mind. It's going to be 5 years soon. Had it not been filled up with Court (2 of them) and all sorts of side-burner issues, I can only imagine what I might have spent these years doing, instead.

      You're right: it is a better place. My fears are largely financial. It will get better with time. Life is full of surprises and even I have witnessed, that many of them are good. I have danced with a few devils but I've also met some true angels. Big exhale. I'm still waiting for a few things to be resolved - if there is such a thing.


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        Here's hoping all of us at some point in the near future, will have more peace with our 'devils' than we anticipated. Hadenough-Love it ! devils vs. angels...thankgoodness for the angels in our lives !


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          Cheers to that. I used to think it was just a lame adage but I do subscribe more so now (than before) to "Happiness comes from within." lol. Depends what time of the month you catch me at on that one


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            When do you get to blow out the candle ;-) (forgot about these little helpers!)


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              Dealt with devils in the last year yes.... had angels...yes. I will be blowing out the candles tomorrow. What is better than spending Easter with my kids, looking at their joy and happiness and inside me, looking to the future. Thank you to the angels that got me through the last year, thank you to the devils that did not win and here is to the future


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