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Section 7 Expense - Europe Trip

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  • Section 7 Expense - Europe Trip

    Just looking for others opinions here. My husbands ex sent an email yesterday that she has signed their son up for a $3,500 school trip to Italy and France. For which he is to pay 66%

    What are your opinions regarding this and it being a Section 7 Expense?

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    I think that she should have sent an email before signing their son up for the trip, to see if dad was willing to split the cost. It is a great opportunity for him, and I'd have a hard time not splitting the cost.


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      Well, it's definitely section 7.

      But does he have anything in his agreement about being consulted first? He could argue that she should have discussed this with him so that they could decide it it was possible, not just have her send him a bill with no input. But what does 'signed up' mean? Are they committed, or just expressing interest? When is the trip? When is the deposit due? Do the students do any fundraising to offset the cost? Can he suggest that the child help earn some money for the trip?

      But, what are the best interests of the child? A school trip overseas is a great opportunity. If the couple was still happily married, would they make it happen for their child?


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