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  • Back Child Support

    I have been paying my ex CS since our separation. For the first 9 months, the CS was a guess. Then we went to mediation where the mediator took my ex's word on what he was making and set an amount based on the guidelines (using the offset method). The agreement was that every year after that we would exchange financial information and adjust the amount accordingly.

    This year I started requesting his info back in May. He failed to hand it over. I went to my lawyer who has requested the information via his lawyer but we still have nothing (he hasn't done his taxes for the last 2 years).

    My ex is CONSTANTLY nickel and diming me for money. More than anything I want something in writing so I can tell him to leave me alone. I currently have NO IDEA if the amount I'm paying is valid.

    My concern is that at some point when he finally provides us with his financial information, that I will actually owe him more and he'll come after me for back support. Can he do that considering I've made multiple efforts to adjust the CS fairly and he's failed to provide his financial information?


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    The onus is on HIM to request more CS if more is needed. He can go back as far as the initial request he made to YOU.

    Since he hasn't done that, I very much suspect you will come to find you have been OVERPAYING in all likelihood.


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