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section 7 expenses

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  • section 7 expenses

    When one person has medical/dental coverage for the kids through work, how are dental expenses shared?

    Proportionate share of the total? Or, proportionate share after insurance pays?

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    It's common sense.

    It's based on proportionate share after insurance pay out AND related income tax relief, if any.

    If it was on gross, then the party receiving insurance benefits would be profiting from the deal.


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      What is this income tax relief?


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        How about sharing the cost of insurance premiums for the kids? Shared proportionately as section 7 as well? I would assume so...


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          The insurance premiums are fully covered by his employer.

          How would I fiqure out the after tax amount that would be shared?


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            There are way better people on hear who know more about this sort of thing than me but if they miss this tread I will add my $0.02

            Insurance fully paid by the employer is usually a taxable benifit that is included in the T4. So if you wanted to nit pick you could divide the tax hit and split it.


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              How would this taxable benifit look on his T4?

              What sort of abbreviation?

              I don't see anything that looks like it is listed under taxable benifits.


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