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One child at each house hold

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  • One child at each house hold

    OK I have a question, not sure id this has already been posted. I did a search but did not see the specific answer.
    I have two children, my son is 16 and my daughter is 13. About a year and a half ago my son began living with his mother full time. my son and I were not getting along, so we decided it may be best for him to live with his mother. for the last year and a half I have paid my required child support.
    My daughter has been going back and forth between house holds as per our custody arrangement. She now wishes to come and live at my home full time.

    Now that my daughter wants to live with me full time and my son lives with his mother full time, how would this, more then likely effect my child support and how it is paid?

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    You would each pay full support for one child. Essentially whoever made more, would pay the difference to the person that made less.


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      You pay child support for your 16 yr old son living with his mother.
      The mother pays child support for your 13 yr old daughter living with you.
      One of you will be paying more than the other.
      Since men usually earn more (but not always I realize, just for example!):
      Let's say you pay $759/month (income of $85,000/yr, 1 child in Ontario)
      and she pays $500/month (income of $54,000/yr, 1 child in Ontario).
      So you'd pay her $259/month (adjusted annually) until your son no longer requires child support, wherein she'd start paying you child support until your daughter no longer requires child support, unless the situation has changed again.


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