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CS/Section 7 overpayment

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  • CS/Section 7 overpayment

    I'm currently paying my ex CS and we are supposed to split Section 7 expenses 50/50. However, I have definitely paid more than my 50% of childcare and other expenses. How do I recoup this amount? We are supposed to review our CS amount once a year. Do I use what he claims on his taxes for childcare and ask for a repayment?

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    Honey do not worry about if you paid too is for your children..if they were with you 100% of the time you would pay it anyway. So make your children proud and pay it and do not worry about it.

    Be a great Mom


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      You can try to get the money back directly from him, however if that isn't possible then you can ask for it to be evened out during the adjustment for the upcoming year. More complicated if you're going through FRO however if you have your receipts etc and it shows on the tax returns you can certainly ask to have the amount redistributed to you, whether it's his payments are a bit higher every month for the course of the year or if he makes up the difference right away for the first payment.

      As long as you have all the documentation you should be able to recoup it no problem.


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