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  • "costs"?

    Yesterday during a hearing I was awarded "costs" by the judge. Does that mean the ex pays my lawyers fees for the hearing? Prep time for court? Court fees? Do i submit bills to the court within 30 days, or does my lawyer submit them? Probably should have asked the lawyer but didn't think to. Any insight sppreciated.

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    Let your lawyer make the costs submissions. Seems like the judge has remained attached or functus to your case in that regard.


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      Kinme, I was wondering what are the disputed issues at the hearing and what were the offers made by both parties. Perhaps, others may at some point make this as a good reference to avoid costs.


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        Was there a fixed amount for costs or did you just ask for "costs"? Im guessing they just pertain to that certain day in court and whatever costs you have made to your lawyer to prepare.
        No such thing as retro costs? LOL


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          It was just for costs of that hearing. Retro costs would be a great idea though. LOL


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            Your lawyer will have to submit pretty much an invoice (in the form approved by the courts) to the judge outlining the time they spent on your case, and the disbursements they also incurred. A judge will then determine that all or a portion of that amount will be attributed to your ex.

            You may get 100% of your legal fees for this matter paid by your ex, or you may get 20%. It is up to the judge. But hey, it is better then a kick in the teeth.


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              Plus which the other side cannot bring any motions until the costs have been paid, so there is a little teeth in that order.


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