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Hockey Equipment - Extraordinary Expense?

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  • Hockey Equipment - Extraordinary Expense?

    During one of our past court dates, a judge explained that extracurricular activities and costs associated with them are included in child support, with the exception of more elite activities such as AA or AAA hockey where registration, equipment and tournament costs are quite high.

    Recently, my stepson's mother registered him in hockey lessons. Although she did not ask for the registration cost to be shared, she did ask that we contribute to the cost of the equipment. (My stepson ownes nothing hockey-related at this time.)

    We are not against the child playing hockey, and the program cost isn't very high since it's run through the city's recreation department. We truly want to help out where we can... but we don't want to set a precendent for further extracurricular expenses down the road. We do not have the means to pay for additional extraordinary expenses.

    So, the question is: Is hockey equipment for a Parks and Rec program considered a special and extra-ordinary expense that is to be shared proportionately by the parents?

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    Hockey equipment can be pretty pricey, but there are lots of places to pick up used equipment for far less than what you'd pay at the stores, especially if it's for recreational hocky instead of competitive. Perhaps instead of giving free reign for her to runn out and buy all new equipment, offer to share the cost and his dad can seek out used equipment - always a much better deal if the kid is anything like mine and grows every 4 minutes.


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      Yes, with respect to what Blink mentioned, "Play it again Sports" allows you to trade up or in used equipment. There most likely is other establishments with similar concept in your area.


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        I always found them to be super expensive for what you were getting. I went to trade in almost new hockey skates, $150 at purchase, worn three times and they offered me $20 for them. Checked out what they had in stock in bigger sizes and all the old beat up pairs were $50+. I was thoroughly disappointed

        Hockey is really big here and they have a community hockey equipment swap/trade/sale that is really popular and anyone is welcome, not just competitive players. Maybe there's something like that around as well you could try of you don't have any luck with the second hand shops?


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          Thanks for the ideas guys!

          We actually considered Play It Again Sports as there is one not to far from our home. I will try to find a hockey swap... after all, my husband and I go to ski swaps for the little guy's ski equipment! (Towards which his mother does not contribute, by the way.)

          We did come up with a pretty good idea that will hopefully keep the "extraordinary expense" at bay, and at the same time allow us to contribute towards the hockey equipment. Birthday gifts! The little man's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so we are asking our family and friends for sporting goods stores giftcards or actual hockey equipment as part of the little guy's birthday present. We will buy him the skates and helmet (the skates we currently have for him are too small and his helmet doesn't have a face-guard) and whatever items he receives on his birthday, we will provide for the hockey program as well.

          What do you think?


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            I think your idea is child centered.


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