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FRO Payment of Arrears Question

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  • FRO Payment of Arrears Question

    Long story short...

    My husband owes arrears from when he lost his job last year and was not paying the full amount. FRO claims he owes 30% more than what our calculations show (based on court orders). FRO says my husband must pay the full amount owed ($1100) by this Tuesday or else they will report him to the Credit Bureau.

    We cannot risk this threat as we are in the process of getting a mortgage.

    We spoke with FRO who said he must pay in the next 2 days, or else. We asked about a voluntary payment schedule but FRO said we must pay the lump sum immediately.

    We asked about overpayment, and they said their calculations correct. But if for some weird reason we do prove we owe less than they claim, they will issue a credit... which I strongly doubt.

    Any thoughts on what we should do in this situation?

    It seems our only option is to pay what they say in order for my husband to not be reported to the credit bureau, then fight tooth and nail (again) to prove that their calculations are wrong (again) because they aren't using the correct court orders for their calculations.

    Meanwhile, they keep charging us $25 for each statement of account we request to keep track of their faulty calculations.

    Any thoughts?

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    They have to let you do a payment option, especially since you believe there calculations are incorrect. I would call your MPP in the moring and see if he/she can help out. Tell them that you will pay on a payment plan and will forward them documentation of miscalculations. I would also call FRO and speak with a supervisor about your case.

    That is really disgusting, because due to the fact if you over pay them.. they will probably tell you to go back and get the money from the ex.


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      Thanks Great Dad.

      We tried doing a payment plan, but they told us it isn't possible because our latest court order states already includes a payment plan.

      However, FRO is claiming that this court-ordered payment plan is only in effect from the date they implement the new order in the FRO's system. This being the case, all previous arrears that have built up while my husband was not paying them because he was in the midst of a court battle regarding child support - according to the FRO - must be paid in lump sum immediately... or else the system will go ahead with its automatic reporting to the Credit Bureau.

      We feel that our only chance right now is to work together with my stepson's mother in hope that she will be able to confirm our calculations and override the FRO's inaccurate amount. What's irritating, is that it really shouldn't come to this.

      We can only hope that she will be honest and agree to back up our calculations showing that my husband owes only 70% of what the FRO claims he owes.

      *Fingers Crossed*


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        Don't bother asking to speak to a supervisor. I spent six months trying to make sense out of FRO, to get child support. The only thing that works is goi g to your MPP. It's amazing what happens then!


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          But if for some weird reason we do prove we owe less than they claim, they will issue a credit... which I strongly doubt.
          If this is the case,then they should have no problem sending you that in writing, on FRO letterhead. If they put it in writing, then you should be able to go ahead with it.


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            NBDad, one of the first things we did was ask fir a written explanation of their arrears calculations and credit guarantee. They told us they don't issue things like that.... that their computer system is never wrong, LOL!


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              Ha, never wrong! They are telling my partner he owes over twice would he should. The math is easy. We have a document saying he owed X last November. Take X + 5 x missed mo. payments and you get Y. Yet somehow FRO has him owing over twice Y! It's funny that FRO said they are never wrong as the lawyer we met with recently said "first thing you should do is make sure FRO is not wrong."

              This is not reassuring to know that it's going to be a battle to get them to fix their mistake. I told my partner just to call FRO and they could sort it out but now I'm thinking he's right and he should just take that number to court as part of his motion to change and argue it there.

              Good luck with your situation. I sympathise as FRO seems like a huge pain to deal with. We are hoping once we settle the arrears properly that he can just start paying the ex directly and leave FRO out of it completely.


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