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Average cost during separation agreement

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  • Average cost during separation agreement

    Hello folks,

    Can anyone with previous or current experience in lawyer fees, let me know that on average what it would cost me in a case, where no child custody or matromonial home, would cost me in lawyer fees to get a separation agreement.

    My lawyer told me that they cannot give me a cost, as it depends on how much we fight on the separation agreeement terms. But there has to be some range and previous experiences of people based on which I will know that if I cross that limit then my case is not going well.


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    It really depends on how long you fight.

    What are the issues being negotiated? Do you have any idea how far you and your ex are apart on these issues?


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      With no children or matrimonial home - maybe you should just use a 'divorce kit' for ontario, purchase it at Staples, fill it in, divide ALL your assets and debts equally. Then pay two lawyers to advise you on the agreement to make it binding (and don't let them drag you into a fight - you don't have to follow their advice), then sign it and you are done!

      The only trick may be spousal support I suppose if you think there should be some, but you can perhaps come up with something reasonable based on what happened in your marriage, or you can ask the lawyer to help you with that part.

      Or to save money you can hire a lawyer to write up an agreement, representing BOTH of you (if you can play nice), and then get your own lawyers to advise you (you need this to make it binding).

      Otherwise, the costs can vary as lawyers tend to make people fight because their goal is not to come up with something reasonable, their goal is to get you as much as possible, setting up a fight between your lawyers at $700/hour!


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        just go to the courthouse and get the forms (no charge) or go on line at this website Family Law Rules Forms — Ontario Court Services
        fill them in
        take your money to courhouse and start your process......if there is nothing to be decided do "your time" (1 year seperation) then file for uncontested divorce......will cost about 600$ when all said and done.....alot cheaper than a lawyer and a load of BS (sorry


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