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CS & Childcare expense

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  • CS & Childcare expense

    I have posted before that my husband and I are writing up our own separation agreement (using a few we found line and two from different friends as a base).

    My question is this:

    We have calculated the CS according to the table amount.
    Now we are trying to determine the "extra expense" of childcare. I have heard that lawyers have a formula to calculate the "net daycare" cost but we don't have that. If my husband (soon to be ex) paid 25-30% of daycare cost, does that sound like a reasonable payment? I think it does but wondered if I was really far off?


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    The "net" daycare expenses are the amount that is left to pay once subsidies and tax refunds have been accounted for.

    I think the easiest way is to determine which percentage you each pay by calculating your proportionate income. Then, when the daycare invoice comes, you each pay that percentage. It will most likely already have any subsidies or other benefits accounted for. Then, the party who will deduct the expense on their income tax return will have to share the refund in the same proportion that you each paid towards the expense. Or, if the daycare will provide you with separate tax deduction receipts, then you just claim your share.

    Does this help?


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