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Spousal Support Worksheet (spreadsheet)

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  • Spousal Support Worksheet (spreadsheet)

    Hi all,

    I created a spreadsheet to roughly calculate spousal support.

    Just enter the data like gross income and tax rate and UCB received and all else should adjust itself.

    If you don't have Microsoft Excel you can download a free viewer from Microsoft.

    You can compare results here, but with the spreadsheet you don't have to keep going online!

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Thanks - Very useful. I had a similar project in the works which I never ever completed as my efforts were focused elsewhere.


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      Thanks for doing this.
      I assume that the CS number is a monthly number and the UCB is a monthly number too?


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        I built a similar spreadsheet and am using it extensively. I have a few things different, first, you don't have CPP/EI in the spreadsheet, which will adjust it slightly when there's a big discrepancy in the two salaries.

        I also deducted both of our portion of extraordinary expenses.

        And, a note on it, from what I've read on Canlii, when judges bring it up to 50%, they take housing and basic living expenses into consideration.

        I added a line for CCTB and HST credit. These are non taxable, but should be added in the calculation.


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          Spousal support variation

          Does anyone knows the steps to start a process to get a variation on the spousal support... I will have to do it myself... Since i spent the all the money with the lawyers already... Ps - the lawyer i had did not fight to get it right... I am paying too much for too long... I need to reduce the payments or i will be homeless...


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            I thought for spousal support calculation don't use Gross Income. According to the SSAG, I understand that you enter your Income Tax Net Income Line 236. It is the Child support table that utilizes your gross income which is line 150 from your return.


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              Spousal support should use all income, plus or minus child support paid, and any goverment benefits like child tax credit or GST refund.


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                Mess - Yes of course it includes all of this as income.

                My questions is:
                Spousal support uses line 236 from your Income Tax Return
                Child support uses line 150 from your Income Tax Return

                is my understanding correct?


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                  How accurate is the Delaney's spousal and child support calculations. Man oh Man Im ticked because I could get majorily ripped off if I settle for the 2008-2009 arrears.


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                    Originally posted by Looking4Answers View Post
                    How accurate is the Delaney's spousal and child support calculations. Man oh Man Im ticked because I could get majorily ripped off if I settle for the 2008-2009 arrears.
                    It's accurate if it's a simple situation. Read the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines and you may be able to argue to get it lower.


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                      Accurate Spousal Support Calculation

                      Hello everyone...

                      Having been through and still going through the hell of Family Court, I have decided to come on here to help people. I can help only with financial issues especially spousal support. I am a financial consultant with a major financial institution who assesses approximately 2,000 tax returns per year. One could safely say I am an expert in this field. I am appalled by the massive incompetence of lawyers and judges in calculating spousal support. These people simply have absolutely no clue. As far as the Delaney Spouisal support calculator, do not use it. It is for very simple situations and almost all situations are not that simple so it won't be accurate. Most lawyers in Ontario use a calculator called Chequemate which I have. There are problems with it which I have identified however it generally works fairly well for employee situations but not as well for self employed situations. The huge problem is stupid lawyers have no clue how to enter the information properly which can cause inaccurate spousal support information. I on the other hand know exactly what to do and how to enter information and will also know the correct questions to ask you. If anyone wishes help, I am pleased to offer it. For what its worth I am paying a ridiculous amount of spousal support which was made in a temporary order before I had this program. I don't discriminate based on gender,. The bottom line is that I will give you correct information no matter who you are.


                      I can be contacted at this email address


                      I also use MSN (its an underscore between financial and expert)


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                        What a nice thing to do.


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                          How many lawyers and judges have you watched using this software? How do you know they are all incompetant? What is the error you see them doing over and over?

                          My lawyer doesn't do the calculations. The senior law clerk does. She has over 15 years experience, and learned to do this originally without software.


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                            Originally posted by standing on the sidelines View Post
                            What a nice thing to do.
                            And free too!!


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                              Additional subscription resources: (Free Demo)

                              Childview Home


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