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Does legal aid cover family law expenses?

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  • Does legal aid cover family law expenses?

    I've heard that they do, and I've heard that they don't.

    We are self represented and receive absolutely no help as we own a home (well..the bank technically owns it!).

    My husbands ex girlfriend doesn't work, receives subsidized housing, and would qualify for legal aid. But do they cover family/child support proceedings?


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    Are they supposed to? No. I've been told flat out by the court clerk that legal aid does not get involved in family law.

    Are there ways around it? Yep. Case in point, MY ex has gotten her costs covered by legal aid...twice now...

    If the ex is on assistance, they usually have a lawyer that handles support cases for their clients. (They WANT the other side to pay support, the more they can wring out of you, the less assistance has to cover)


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      Of course legal aid assists in family law matters. But you have to have a very low income i.e. less than $15K. And if you own a home they will likely want some repayment and will look to the house asset for that.

      Read up New Year's babies:

      Legal Aid Ontario: Getting Legal Help


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        Legal aid assists in custody and child support issues, but not divorces, if they qualify financially.


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