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  • Child Support question

    I receive child support on a monthly basis, court ordered. We have agreed upon a tentative schedule for summer vacation and Dad will have the children for 6 weeks. Is he required to pay support for the time that he has them? I need to know to be well prepared financially should he not have to pay- I still need a roof over their heads for when they come home! TIA

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    As much as I wish my husband didn't have to pay child support for the months when his son is living with us the majority of the time... it unfortunately doesn't work that way. (Even though our living expenses go up for that month, and the recipient's go down.)

    Child support is an "annual" contribution, so to speak, that is divided and provided monthly, even if the child is with the payor for the majority of a certain month, like it often happens during the summer.

    Your children's dad will still have to pay his monthly child support amount, even if the kids are with him for the majority or all of the month.


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