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  • FRO Problems

    FRO problems
    I have registered with the FRO about 6 months ago. 2 months ago they sent me my package and forms to fill out with the arrears that my ex owes me...close to $18,000.00. They only wrote me a check for 1/2 the amount of support, last month, instead of the full amount he owes me because he told them he's self employed (he is not, he works for a huge company as a vice president making $300.000.00 a year) and that's all he can give. NOW I'm confused here.....I spent 1 week, day and night filling out the FRO's forms and the amounts (with receipts) and all they can tell me is that they will look into the matter and gave him another 35 days to go to see if he needs to appeal this. WHY?... So lets start from the beginning. We signed a separation agreement last August '08 for X amount, and for a 70/30 split for the 3 kids extracurricular activities (which he hasn't payed a cent for)that is why it has reached to the point of $18,000.00 plus not paying full support. Where is the justice for "us" women who are living close to the poverty level while their dad who claims he's broke gets away with all these loop holes. I would love to go to work and help my kids but my mother had a stroke, my father just got confirmed diagnosis with ALS which will give him about 2-3 years left to live, my health is deteriating, anti depressants (mild ones) just to cope with all summerize my life story. Who is he kids. One with a brain tumor, one that can't stand the sight of his father (not my doing) his father's constant "cut ups" and all I have left is an 8 year old that every time she speaks, he puts a tape recorder to her mouth and says "can you repeat that answer again" she comes home in tears fearing that her daddy to trying to take her away from me. Well , I have that on hidden video tape too. How he treats them. You never know when I might need to prove what a piece of work he is. He cares more about his g/f and her 3 kids then his own. \My older two 18, 16 who don't see him, by their choice, as he never ever had a relationship with them. He travelled for a living, so I basically raised all three by myself. My question is ....what's with FRO? why don't they help the people who really need it...whay are they here if I have to go through hell to get any money.
    Does someone have any advice???? no more negative...I can't take it.

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    I wish I had something positive to say to you. But there is nothing positive about FRO. I'm sorry. We are currently fighting with them as well, and it's not pretty. Although, we are fighting with them for a different reason (they are trying to enforce an old support order which indicates a child support amount based on income that my husband no longer has, and has gone to court to get re-calculated). I wish you all the best. Dealing with FRO is a nightmare.


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      my lawyer took FRO to court for something similar and he won his case and his legal fee's. It seems that they hire a bunch of yahoo's who don't know much about nothing and mess around with each and every case. Depending what day of the week it is, that will be your outcome for the day.


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        Jeez, maybe I can get a job as an FRO yahoo. I can yahoo with the best of them. If you don't need to know anything, I've got a leg up already.


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          Lol, when you do let me know, i'll join you


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            Well, what can I say...they let immigrants (who don't speak english) now, now people don't freak out...I'm an immigrant too. Been in Canada for 35 years, I speak perfectly... so back off....
            Back to what I was saying, they give them a job and voila, they get into the legal business, So why should I send my daughter to University. I'll just tell her to pretent to be in the legal industry and work for the FRO . She will probably make more money there anyways.


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