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CP unemployed and wants more section 7's

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  • CP unemployed and wants more section 7's

    We just found out the my husbands ex lost her job after 3 months. She has been chronically either unemployed, going to school or under-employed for 8 years. We are currently paying off 1st kids braces, at 200/month payments for 2 years, which will end in June.

    Now she is saying that the other child needs braces, and wants to work out percentages, based on her un-employment income. She wants to get started on the braces "right away". It seems funny that last week, when she had a job, the braces weren't that urgent, but now that her share will be alomost zero, she wants to work out percentages.

    We also pay 100% of health and dental insurance and 100% of access costs. In total our extras are about $560/month right now. We just CAN'T afford another $200/month! We have 2 other children to support, and although I know nobody really cares about how they live or survive, I DO!

    Can we just say NO? Can we just wait untill June when kid#1 payments are done and perhaps she has some income again?

    I thought "extra" expenses were to be shared according to the Guidelines "if BOTH parents" can afford them! If the parents were still together and she was unemployed, they would NOT be able to afford to get the braces now. She seems to think that "extras" are things to negotiate when she can LEAST afford them so my husband ends up paying for all of it!

    How to get through to her without her getting her "free" lawyer on us again? We cannot afford to pay our lawyer to reslove these issues anymore.

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    I would just say "no" on the basis that you cannot afford it. If she wants to take you to court, you can file a financial statement showing that you cannot afford them at this time, but you can say that once you can, you are willing to cover 50% of the cost. You can't get blood from a stone - though we know many who try... with my stepson's mom as the leader of the pack! ;-)


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