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    i just finish my study in veterinary medicine in univeristy in middle east. i want to continue my study in canada in toronto univeristy but i don't have enough money to do my master.i start to think about brorrowing some money from osap . i need your advice about that. i will choose repaying will be within the study.
    Is this organization is good in deal in repaying and loan?
    How much their benfits are?
    If there is any problem who i have to speak?
    Are their benfits complicated ?

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    Are you planning on continuing vet school? U of T doesn't have this program....


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      you can ignor the name of university . i need your opinion about osap.
      There r many unversities in canada i can check them. i don't make application yet, but i heard that U of T is the best in canada.


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        if you want a vet school then the one in Guelph Ontario is the best. Here is a link for OASP


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          I guess it depends what you want to go back to school for, and how long you are willing to be in debt. I am still paying for my undergraduate degree 8 years after graduation. To me it was worth it, but it was for a undergrad degree. I am about to go back for my Masters, part time though as I need to continue working FT.

          Obviously you already are a doctor of veterinary medicine though. Can I ask what you want to study? Why are you not using your vet education, or do you need to validate it in Canada (and honest question, I don't know if you need to do a competency exam or something before being licensed here).

          I'm assuming that you are divorced, or getting divorced, but I don't know your history and how it applies to your situation. Do you have kids? Are they with you, are you paying support etc? I think these questions are relevant to what decision you make, especially if there are kids involved. Going back to school full time (which I am assuming you will be as you can rarely get OSAP if you are working) is a financial burden and a big stress, and you don't want your family to suffer from your decision.

          Guelph definitely is the best vet school in Canada, but there are only a few and it is the only one in Ontario. If you are planning to go for this it is likely your only option, unless you want to travel out of province or internationally.
          Good luck!


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            about my need to continue , yes i need it. my country don't take care with veterinarians. i will study branch of small animals. some of my fellow go to australia and other to canada. i will make diploma in univeristy if i come to improve my level then the master .

            im single and don't thinking about marrying untill i make good life to me.

            8 years is long period to pay your undergraduate loan but i would ask u how long u used the osap? (i think it will be not less than 6 years ) post graduate will be shorter in period but higher in cost. how much u pay for them monthly ? is it much money ? i will take choice that i pay during study ? is that keep period of repay shorter ? and when your loan will be finished ? and does osap help u to get jobe to pay during studying or i do that myself ?
            i want all your conditions because i may be more bad than u say.


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              if you are single and not divorced I don't think is the forum you should be asking these questions on. Perhaps you should contact the University of Guelph, as it is the only Vet school in Ontario. They should be able to answer your questions or direct you to someone at OSAP.


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                i need some one have experience with osap .U don't think is the forum you should be asking these questions on so what i have to ask in financial issue part. Is financial issue part for i have a problem with my wife about money and i need other help!!!!

                i think it is for any financial problems for any one single or divorced that is same. im asking for any experience with osap because u said before it may be worth decision or not to me.

                companies have good negotiator to make u accept their will specially when u need and if u don't have enough konwledge that will be more easy. i don't trust any negotiator of these companies they have their ways to get what they want.

                thanks for answers.


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