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  • Provide Ex with NOA?

    Annually, my ex and I are required to provide eachother with updated Line 150 so that we can calculate child support and s.7 expenditure proportions.

    Do people provide their ex with the entirety of their Notice of Assessments? Just the first page that contains Line 150? Or simply give an email update of what the new line 150 is?

    I don't care to show my ex how much of a refund I am getting. My ex has a tendancy to not pay her share of expenditures and would try to use such information against me. Moreover, I have been making contributions to various RRSP and FHSA accounts which are shown on the full NOA and would prefer to not share that information with them either. All she needs to know is my line 150 for the purposes of calculating supports.

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    Are you a T4 employee? If so, I think the first page is sufficient -however she can ask for additional details that you would be obligated to provide. If you have other types of income (self employed, investment, rental) then she would probably ask for a breakdown...


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      When sharing your Notice of Assessment (NOA) for child support and s.7 expenditure calculations, aim for simplicity and maintain your privacy. Provide just the Line 150 information. If the full NOA must be shared, use redaction tools to obscure sensitive details like your refund or RRSP contributions. In high-conflict situations, have the higher-conflict person (i.e. your ex) share their NOA first. After receiving theirs, you can then share yours.

      Regarding s.7 expenses, the reality is that enforcement is a joke. Lawyers will encourage you towards litigation for enforcement, only for you to find that the legal fees outweigh the actual costs of the activities. To avoid these ludicrous scenarios, I've set up our agreement to ensure each party covers their own s.7 expenses. If a school activity falls on my time, I pay for it. If my ex wants our kid to participate in an extracurricular on her time, that cost is on her. I maintain this arrangement even though I know my ex earns more, meaning I could technically claim some Section 7 expenses from her. This approach is about reducing conflict and maintaining peace, not about nickel-and-diming each other.


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        Provide the page that shows line 150. Technically you are required to send a full document with no redactions (we did this on one of my husband's and were told we could only redact my sin and income nothing else). The NOA is used to show final calculation.

        Your ex can pound sand when it comes to what you get and what you invest. They are obligated to contribute to expenses and you can get away with not paying and making her pay up front.

        Ignoring your ex and their bullshit comments is key to making it through this. My husband's ex used to send long pages of missives about his spending, his contributions, his life decisions etc. His response was always to ignore or give approval or not. Once you stop engaging they will get the message.


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