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    I'm facing some challenges in finding answers to my current financial situation. This year, I sold a rental property and used the proceeds to pay off debt, purchase a car, and invest in RRSPs. I understand that 50% of the gain from the property sale will be added to line 15000 of my tax return, which will significantly increase my reported income to around $170,000, approximately $100,000 more than my usual income.

    I'm wondering if I might be eligible for a one-time capital gain exception for child support purposes? Additionally, my lifestyle is similar to my ex-partner's, and we share custody of our children equally. If I were to pay extra child support, would I be able to request that it be placed in a Registered Education Fund (REF)? I'm also curious about the process for filing such requests in a British Columbia court.

    Thank you for any guidance or information you can provide.

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    This article might help you:


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      Technically, any capital gains are supposed to be removed and then added back in at 100%. So if you're gain was $200,000 then you would need to claim the $200,000 for child support purposes. You could argue that it was a one-time thing and the children benefitted from it at the time it was gained. It would be up to the court to decide if any or all of it should be included for child support.


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