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Is child entitled to support?

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  • Is child entitled to support?

    My daughter lived with her mother till she was 19 (age of majority in their province), then moved out to AB to live with me when she was 20.5. We divorced when she was 9 and I paid support, S7 etc until 19. She wasn't in any school when her eligibility ended and the enforcement agency ended the collection. Her mother attempted to have it reinstated based on the fact that she was unable to support herself, but as she was living in her own apartment collecting income support, they declined to reinstate it.

    She was unfortunately abusing drugs and alcohol heavily and her mother was unable to allow her to live in their home. She lost her apartment and went from being on the streets to being in a shelter for the majority of age 19-20. At 20.5, we offered to give her a second chance out here in Alberta and she came out. the first 18 months were hell for everyone as she was still using and with a small child in our home, we couldn't allow her to use here. So, she would go live in a homeless camp, or a shelter where she could use at will. About a year ago, she went to an intensive 3 month in-house treatment program and has since kept herself drug/alcohol free.

    She is collecting income support here and we don't charge her rent so she uses it to buy herself groceries (we buy groceries for the house, but if she wants specific items for herself, she buys them), clothes, vaping supplies, weed, and other smaller items. She worked small part-time jobs here and there since she was 16 but nothing longer than a few weeks as she always got terminated for alcohol use. Her doctor has written her a note for income support booking her off any kind of employment until the end of February.

    She is now registered for a 12 month college certificate program starting in March. She will be 23 when she starts the program. We're trying to figure out whether income support will continue to pay her while she attends college. The cost of the program is $16,000 which we've told her we'll pay. We had a substantial RESP for her but with her 3 other failed attempts at university and the market it's only worth about $3k now. I truly believe she is in a good place to attempt a program now, and she has shown a remarkable improvement since even the beginning of the summer. She's attempting to get her drivers license here, and we trust her to babysit her younger sibling now.

    My question is, would the child be entitled to child support from the mother during the program?

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    If your ex is on social assistance then she won't have support ordered against her.


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      Sorry the child is collecting income support, but that may end when she starts her college program. Ex works full-time and earns a decent income.


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        I would say no since support and expenses were paid for the years kid was unsuccessful in school but you could try!


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