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    Hello forum,

    I’ve got a question on when the health care support by parents ends for kids that are no longer in school/college/Uni, but not working?

    Technically the same question for child support, even though I know it will trigger the pain point for some, but if kid say ended high school (or dropped out), not doing post secondary, and doesn’t work. How long parents have to pay for grown up baby that drinks beer, has adult relationships with opposite gender (oh, same gender, for that matter), yet doesn’t do anything?

    Is there a minimum age requirement for either change?

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    If they aren't in school and over 18 then they are considered adults including for health care. You would not be able to get benefits for them on your plan just as your ex would not which means they are not entitled to coverage.

    Unless you/your ex can prove the child is unable to support themself, things end. They could try welfare.


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      Thank you Rocksan. What if they are under 18, but not in school for way over a year with no immediate plans coming back? And if other party after years of no school re engages them at say 17.5 (or 18.5) back to high school, your child support goes till 23 (provided kid takes his/her time ). In other words are you financially responsible for CS for multiple gap years?


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        You are responsible while they are under 18. Once they hit 18 and aren't in school then cs would stop. If they go back to school at say 19, cs would begin again.

        There was a poster on here that I worked with offline who had a kid who didnt finish high school but then went back and kept failing at college. That poster was obligated to support the kid until 22.


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